The Architecture of Time

      The Architecture of Time connotes the complex structure of American values built over the centuries. It’s the men, women and children who tell the story.

Worthington Rhodes, the powerful man behind the 21st century trans-continental bullet train, competes with the equally strong and charismatic woman archaeologist, Anna Ardmore, who strives to save her Southwest prehistoric Anasazi pueblo ruins that lie in the train’s wide right-of-way.

For one brief moment in a Maine bed and breakfast inn, a snowstorm melts the adversarial relationship of these two individualists. But in a nation divided by friction between economic development and cultural preservation, surrendering the passion of their respective causes in the face of their passion for each other is not an option for either.

Special interests rally around their individual causes, threatening to destroy the country’s fabric in this taut drama pulsing with political and psychological intrigue. 

                   What Reviewers and Critics Say:

Royal City News, Santa Fe, New Mexico: “This reviewer was captivated by the vivid setting, dramatic plot, and fascinating characters...a well-crafted book.” Elaine Pinkerton Coleman, Author/lecturer

The Maine Maritime Museum, Bath, Maine: “...Loved the plot, was drawn into its intricacies, and the characters were living believable persons...” Earle Warren, Director

Brian Wheeler, UK critic: “Though romance readers are the most obvious target for this book, those interested in the behavioral sciences may enjoy this work as a refreshing, light alternative to the relatively dry works available on these subjects.

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