The Novels of Jon Foyt

           About the Author, who is an advocate

                 for active adult retirement:

Striving for new heights on the literary landscape, along with his late wife Lois, Jon Foyt began writing novels 20 years ago, following careers in radio, commercial banking, and real estate. He holds a degree in journalism and an MBA from Stanford and 90 hours toward a masters in historic preservation from the University of Georgia. An octogenarian prostate cancer survivor, Jon, 85, is a marathon runner (60 completed), hiker, and political columnist in an active adult retirement community near San Francisco.

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                              Marcel Proust in Taos

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     A Los Alamos physicist, Christopher, retires to Taos, New Mexico to write a novel about nuclear terrorism. There he meets aspiring artist Marlene, and the two fall in love. Together they open a microbrewery and find themselves confronting terrorism of a new sort—in unmapped emotional territory. Click here to Read the Kirkus Review.

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Time to Retire

       Mystery and Romance abound in this novel set in an active adult retirement community. Follow local reporters, Willy (himself nearing retirement) and Sally, as they investigate the suicide of a prominent resident and the lifestyles of aging retirees.

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A gripping narrative that reads like a mystery, entertaining and thought-provoking." -- Doug Hergert, columnist and author of Nothing in Paris and Can’t Get It In France

“The characters offer a vital glimpse into the adventures of retirement living.” -- Alice LaPlante, Stanford University creative writing professor, author of “Turn of Mind,” a mystery novel about Alzheimer’s

Shakespeare’s The Winters Tale

in N. California

Offshore Trusts in Switzerland and the


Preservation vs

Progress in the


Zuni Pueblo artist meets cyberspace


Run a marathon

amidst nuclear waste

An Ohio socialite joins the WACS

Royal romance in a retirement community and in Albania


The Gilded Chateau (coming soon)

The Mind of an American Revolutionary

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A Zuni Pueblo artist meet a cyberspace


The back story

of the Erie Canal


Lois Foyt (1932-2011), with a degree in Feminist Studies from Stanford University, and Jon collaborated in writing 8 novels and 2 screenplays during the last 20 years of their 60-year marriage. (They met in high school in Indianapolis.) Lois and Jon lived for 16 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they were one of the sponsors of the Santa Fe Film Festival.

                                                                                   Jon Foyt’s Credo

Jon Foyt does little to promote his work because: A) He doesn’t like to self-promote, and B) it takes time away from conceiving, researching, and writing the next novel and the next novel after that.

Instead of allocating time to social networking, race after bookstore signings, and plead with book reviewers, Jon, at age 85, says he wants to write about characters who explore topics and situations he feels have been overlooked.

         He does hope people will read his novels. Comments can be emailed to him at He will gladly reply.