The Novels of Jon Foyt

Writing in the new American Literary Genre of Senior Adult

The Third Half of Our Lives

Maxine Hong Kingston (“Woman Warrior”):

“…the perfect book for me to read in my oldest age. Walter and Jerry face

the ultimate challenges—how to live alone, how to reconcile with family, how to know the self at last. They share their findings—their wisdom—with each other

and with us. The interchange between the two old guys is positively Socratic.”

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Kirkus Reviews:

Two men reflect on what went right and wrong during their long lives in this novel. Socratic dialogue on growing very old. These two men of the Silent Generation might not confront any of the really intriguing issues—from their

white maleness to the sex lives of octogenarians—but they do hit the classics:

parenthood, accomplishments, and the point of it all. A philosophical tale about

two men in old age.

About the Author

    Along with his late wife Lois, Jon Foyt began writing novels 30 years ago when he was 57, following careers in radio, commercial banking, and real estate development. He holds degrees in journalism and an MBA from Stanford plus 90 hours toward a masters in Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia. Jon is a former marathon runner (60 completed races), hiker, and a political columnist for the weekly Rossmoor News in an active adult retirement community. He has eight grandchildren and two great grandsons.

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                              Marcel Proust in Taos

     Los Alamos physicist Christopher retires to Taos, New Mexico to write a novel about nuclear terrorism. There he meets aspiring artist Marlene, and the two fall in love. They open a microbrewery and find themselves confronting terrorism of a new sort—in unmapped emotional territory.

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Time to Retire

       Mystery and Romance abound in this novel set in an active adult retirement community. Follow local reporters, Willy (himself nearing retirement) and Sally, as they investigate the suicide of a prominent resident and the lifestyles of aging retirees.

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Shakespeare’s The Winters Tale

set in N California

A tycoon struggles with Offshore Trusts in the


Zuni Pueblo Artist Meets a Cyberspace


Running a Marathon

amidst Nuclear Waste

An Ohio Socialite joins the WWII WACS

Royal Romance in a Retirement Community and in Albania

Preservation versus Progress, a Bullet

Train Threatens

Important Ruins

The Back Story

of the Erie Canal

Homeward Bound--But what if there is no Home?

Everyone says they have an answer for the Homeless.

After reading this novel, what will be your solution?

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    During World War II, as battles raged across Europe, central bankers of the five major powers—the US, England, France, Italy, and Nazi Germany—stayed sequestered with their wives and families at the Chateau Rougemont, socializing while playing bridge with five suits. Protagonist, Sara, a doctoral candidate from Indiana, travels to the mountain castle to discover that her own grandfather left a diary revealing the bankers motives. Mixing Sara’s family secrets with historical facts about Nazi gold makes a captivating WWII story.

The Mind of An American Revolutionary

Why would an immigrant lad from off the docks of Liverpool, Robert Morris, soon to become one of our Founding Fathers, pay for portions of the American Revolution out of his own pocket, while helping Alexander Hamilton found the first-ever bank in the Colonies, and then end up in debtors’ prison? Ask his Bavarian talk therapist, a surgeon in the Hessian Mercenaries who gets into Morris’ mind.

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