In Marathon, My Marathon, lead character Lawrence Masterson, his career path aborted in an IBM downsizing, bounces back from despair with a grand plan to solve society's much-debated dilemma by creating an autonomous city-state out of the ghost town of Marathon, Texas to store nuclear waste. Cotton, an Olympic runner and world-renowned sculptor, second guessing her decision years ago to give up her baby for adoption, sees in the charismatic Lawrence a new "starting gun" for herself. Together, they long for their romance, which has developed as swiftly as Texas lightning, to be a long-run commitment. But Burley, the trucker carrying the apocalyptic cargo, threatens their dreams as the story's hilly course winds through the vast Southwest landscape.


The Sandpiper: In exploring the microcosm of the world of running, Marathon, My Marathon reveals an understanding of humanity and the larger human condition and ultimately a glimpse into the workings of the realm of the gods. Raising many questions, this novel asks the reader to find the answers, to look around at what our species, graced with a divine spark, has created, leaving us wondering if the gods must be as crazy as we ourselves seem to be. Just as "Dr. Strangelove," with its extreme and driven characters presented a world too absurd to be real and too real to be dismissed offhand, so Marathon, My Marathon challenges us to try and make sense of the inconceivable yet undeniable.

The Running Journal: Not your typical marathon book. The authors have produced an unlikely strange mix of history, Greek mythology, and Western folklore with athletic competition and warnings of environmental cataclysm.

Fifty Plus Fitness Association Bulletin: Obviously this is a loving work of authors who've been there, done that.

Joe Henderson, Runner's World columnist: The Foyts have performed an unlikely marriage of history, fiction, athletics, and environmental sensitivity....

Dr. Peter D. Wood, author and Associate Director Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention: A gripping tale of news of contemporary disaster carried by modern disciples of Pheidippides... every page brings back both the trivia and the powerful mystique of this grueling event. To all readers, the novel is a powerful reminder of the fragility of the planet, and an urgent plea to act before it is too late.

Barbara and Jeff Galloway, Galloway Productions, Atlanta, Georgia: How appropriate it is that running is used as a medium for focusing on some of today's crucial issues. In many ways this story relates to the true story of Pheidippides, the runner who brought the news of the survival of Western Civilization.

Eddie Coyle, Running Editor, New York Daily News: ...Graphic depiction of the sea captain right in first chapter. You know who he is and what he is about....                                  

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