The Portrait of Time

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A Review

    Set against the colorful backdrops of Manhattan, the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and the Indian pueblos of the Southwest, The Portrait of Time lures us into the dynamic world of Native-American artist Joseph Rhodes and his ethnically-culturally challenged romance with Irish journalist Catherine Riley. A great love story profoundly influencing lives of the many artistic, creative and religious leaders with whom the protagonists are closely linked.
        Moving at a brisk pace, the novel’s central core of an expanded lavish banquet following the reenactment of a Paleo-Indian bison kill is a visual feast during which the cast of (fascinating) characters move toward resolution of individual conflicts. Cinematically rich, it suggests the great banquet scenes from the films of Luis Buñuel and Luchino Visconti.
        Rich in imagery, poetic and visionary in language, The Portrait of Time is a novel meriting the broader canvas of the silver screen.

        -- Drew Bacigalupa, Santa Fe Sculptor, Artist and Author

                    Painted Waters, an Original Screenplay,

                 from which The Portrait of Time is adapted

        In the year 2084, Native American artist Joseph Rhodes portrays a man with vision, drive and humility. Pulitzer Prize winner Catherine Reilly likes what she sees. Cyberspace evangelist Reverend Reginald Reichard offers an unsettling apparition. Bring on the popcorn!

                                                                                An Observation  

     Far from portraying science-fiction fantasies, The Portrait of Time takes a serious look back from the year 2084 as three main characters: Joseph, a Zuni Pueblo avant-garde artist; Catherine, a Pulitzer Prize winning Irish-American journalist; and the Reverend Reginald Reichard (“Triple R”), a cyberspace evangelist, re-examine their disparate roles in the 21st century.

    Set in the old mining town of Trinidad, Colorado, these three characters interact in most unusual ways. A Native American re-enactment of a 10,000 B.C. Paleo-Indian bison kill on the Comanche Grasslands of Colorado, followed by a bountiful Buffalo Banquet in Triple’s R’s castle-like headquarters attended by the Very Important People of Colorado, brings out the truth about the Indian Casino Massacre of 2048 and the ramifications upon the century’s portrait.

                                                 An Invitation

    Come to Trinidad, Colorado to witness the triptych of Natural Law, Religion and Eternal Love as a Zuni Pueblo artist vies with a cyberspace evangelist for one woman’s womb. Whose 2018 manifesto decreed the Indian War of Words? Who masterminded the Indian Casino Massacre of 2048? Who will take command in 2084?